Quick Facts:


Annette "Troisnyx" Singh




New Age, Pop, Rock, World, Choral, Period, Electronic

Primary Instrument:

Voice, Harp, Bodhrán


Troisnyx was born and raised in Malaysia, but has lived in England since 2010. In her early childhood, she was exposed to music, tinkering on a toy piano even when she was only two and started learning music the year after. When she reached the age of 10, she started composing for a mandatory class project when she was in Yamaha Music School, afterwards forgetting about composing for a time, and initially wasn't into it because of the project. However, only three years later she started composing music and has not stopped since.

In addition to composition, she used to be the pianist and scorewriter for her school choir, which went on to win state and national finals. Trois draws from many sources, including plainchant, hymns and prayers,  Enya, scenes from Zelda, Okami and Kingdom Hearts, and even real-life experiences, places she has visited and events she has attended with friends.