Skye Wintrest (b. 1995) has always been interested in music, ever since he was a small child. He began piano lessons at the age of 8, and has stuck with them ever since. Multiple years prior to his true beginnings of composition, Skye entered multiple contests with the assistance of his music teacher, winning third place in one. Upon beginning high school, Skye began seriously composing on his own, starting with free notation software called Musescore. Almost a year later, he bought a copy of FL Studio and began uploading his pieces to Newgrounds. His inspirations include the games Chrono Trigger, Grandia, and the Kingdom Hearts series as well as the producers Step and Buoy.

His toolset includes a FL Studio, Omnisphere, a pile of plugins, and the Camoshark VST.

Quick Facts:


Skye Wintrest


Composer/Sound Designer, Head I.T.


Ambient, World, Experimental, Electronic

Primary Instrument: