Interested in having us create a score for your project? Feel free to contact us at describing your project in detail and what sort of music you are looking for, or get in contact with the specific member of our resident staff who you would like you work with.

We conditionally do not charge for non-commercial/student projects which require only a few minutes of non-exclusive music. Commercial projects are charged depending on the size and complexity of the project as well as the rights requested for it. Rates are negotiable in accord to license terms requested. Additionally, we do accept exchanges of services in some cases.

NB: Hundreds of compositions by our artists can be found on their Newgrounds pages, linked on their pages under 'about'. They may be used non-commercially with attribution. If you wish to use them commercially, please contact us at the above email for price discussion.

The main service provided by Versilian Studios is the creation of custom music and sound effects for games. There is nothing like original music to make a game or film really shine! We offer a variety of pricings, suitable for everyone from the starting-off game developer to the professional industry-level developer. We offer quality, affordable music- from dark and growling to soaring and uplifting; ambient, orchestral, jazz, electronic- there isn't an emotion or style out of reach! Our music is designed with seamless loops for game loop pieces, creating a truly immersive experience.

Here are a few pieces by our team in various styles, and more can be found on their individual pages under the "about" section. Click the speaker icon next to each track to start/stop the audio.

Custom Music Info: Orchestral Ambient & New Age Video Game

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Music & Sound Design

Versilian Studios offers a large variety of services, from custom music to game art to even web design (imagine having a site of your own, just like this!).

Custom, exclusive licensed music for Media

Ideal for games with a good budget and interest in a unique user experience that will draw gamers to play and enhance the game experience or immerse an audience in the action on the screen.

Pre-written non-exclusive music for Media

Choose from our library of existing works, including pieces written specifically to be used as in-game music, for a cheaper price tag. We have several hundred original pieces and growing!

Custom, non-exclusive music for Performance

Need a piece composed for your ensemble or solo instrument, scored and prepared for performance? Check out our options for custom music. Our team includes professional arrangers and orchestrators with credits to boot.

Affordable Custom, non-exclusive music for Media

If your game/film is completely non-commercial (that means no ads or sales) and requires a very small amount of custom work, we’ll do it for a super-saver rate, or even in some cases, for free.

Sound Design and Audio Engineering

Whether you need the sound of a tree falling down or need your project compiled and mixed down for use in an animation, Versilian Studios has the tools to create and assemble any amount of sounds and audio elements.

FREE Audio Consulting for Media

Consulting on advice regarding number of composers, file-type, tracks, and more for those who are new to the field of game audio. We’ll even give you a quote for how much we expect the score would require for various levels of composers.

Basic Web Design

Need a quick but beautiful website for your game or studio? Let us know. We designed the one you are browsing right now ourselves.