Quick Facts:


Sam "Samulis" Gossner


Composer, Founder, Head of VS/Sampling


Orchestral, Neo-Romantic, Period, Ambient

Primary Instrument:


Sam Gossner

Sam Gossner (b. 1995) was raised in rural Connecticut, USA. Music was very much a part of his childhood, but never forced upon him. His first experience with playing an instrument began in 4th Grade (4th year of primary school) when he began playing trombone. In the second half of 9th grade, he became interested in composing and picked up the program LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) and began to teach himself theory and composition. Several years and music theory classes later, he started to aim towards scoring- writing music for games or films- as a focus. Ever since his first pieces, he had been interested in music for games.

His toolset includes a broad array of powerful virtual and physical instruments, recording equipment, and a seemingly endless well of motifs and textures.