Jose F. Hernandez (b. 1997) was born in Passaic, New Jersey, and moved down to Central Florida when he was young. Music as a profession wasn't something he considered until he joined band in 6th grade, playing trumpet. Just a year later he began looking into the inner workings of composition. He picked up a copy of Finale Notepad and didn't look back. It's been 5 years, and ever since he's taken to writing music to hone his skill and to use concepts he's learned. Music in games has always fascinated him, with many of his pieces being inspired from games such as Echochrome, Pokemon and Metal Gear Solid.

His toolset includes Finale, a notation program, and a variety of plugins and virtual instruments.

Quick Facts:


Jose "Nimble" Hernandez




Jazz/Big Band, Concert Band, Video Game, Rock, Funk

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