Quick Facts:


Sam "Camoshark" Hébert


Composer, Arranger, Director of Helios Phil.


Jazz, Drum & Bugle, World, Video Game

Primary Instrument:

Trumpet, Hand Percussion


Up in the frozen wastelands of southern Québec, Samuel Hébert’s musical journey had already been predetermined by generations of musicians in his family. He was taught piano as well as musical theory before the age of 7 and from there went for a school specialized in music.

His first encounter with the world of composition happened when he stumbled upon his father’s old composition software 5 years ago, and since that day his passion for learning pushed him to pursue higher studies in Jazz and Classical composition.

Samuel now works professionally as a composer-arranger for various ensembles, and aspires to make a breakthrough in the videogame and cinematic industry. He also serves as president of Helios Philharmonia, overseeing day-to-day operations and membership.