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Samuel Gossner**- Orchestral, Neo-Romantic, Neo-Renaissance, Cinematic.

Samuel Hébert*- Contemporary Jazz, Marching Band, World.

Jose Hernandez- Big Band, Concert Band, Orchestral.

Annette Singh- World, New Age, Pop, Rock, Choral.

"Skyewint"- Ambient, World, Experimental, Electronic.

 Jon "Bosa" Babb- Cinematic, Post Romantic, World.

Phyrnna/"HalcyonicFalconX"- Orch-pop, Video Game, Cinematic.

Lawson Madlener- Cinematic.

* = President of H.P.

** = C.E.O. of V.S.

About Helios Phil.

At the Helios Philharmonia, we often collaborate, exchange ideas, and perform on each others' projects. Collectively we cover a musical experience that crosses nearly all genres somewhere in our experience. Through our side-arm, Versilian Studios, we can offer the same quality instrumental performances and love of our craft that we employ when composing for ourselves and for clients to other musicians around the world. We are an equally-managed group without any hierarchy and completely equal say between all members insofar as how HP functions.

Our ranks are made up with some of Newground's finest composers and musicians, a diverse bunch of musicians with one common goal: collaborative learning. We all feel the best way we can better ourselves is by working with each other to find and cross new frontiers in our music and find our voice among the notes.

While doing all of this, many of us are semi-professional game composers, working on titles across the Flash, Mobile, and Indie markets.

Our eventual goal is to welcome young composers among our numbers and provide them with opportunities to work and learn alongside professional, semi-professional, and hobbyist composers with greater experience who can freely mentor them and provide them with resources that will help them find their own voice in music. Members enjoy exclusive access to VSVI projects and a close team to work with and learn from.